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Gratitude Journal with ocean pictures

Journal shown with

optional charm add-on.

A Beach Theme Gratitude Journal 

from the Energy of the Sea

Journaling what you are grateful for each day in this 128 page beach and seashore inspired gratitude journal entitled "A Gratitude Journal from the Energy of the Sea"  from Blue Voyage Ventures, is a fun and creative tool that can be used to promote empowerment and well-being in your daily life. By focusing on all the things about which you feel grateful can lead to feelings of deep joy, literally attracting happiness into your life.


Inside this Journal you will find beautiful and inspirational seashore photos with empowering quotes based on the law of attraction.


Read how the creator, Christi Davis, turned the rampant negativity in her life into a positive healing experience by journaling about her appreciation and love of the sea. This inspired her to create a journal based on the positive energy that can come only from a oneness with the ocean.  

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